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a2i harbors a diversified working environment, works as a melting pot where people from different fields like GoB, corporate sectors and development sectors comes and works together. It is a dynamic and exciting place to work. We hire exceptional people, and every one of them is empowered to think independently and take initiatives. People here cherishes the freedom of making mistakes and flourishing their innovation. We invite people who has the potentials to pursue challenges and are ready to go the extra miles to serve the country.
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a2i believes in acquiring and fostering talents and always ready to provide opportunities to fresh graduates / students going to be graduated soon to sharpen and strengthen their potentials by providing them the opportunities to work for A2I. A2I encourages potential fresh graduates to apply for Internship who would be working in the different components of the project, assisting the staff in different day to day issues where they will have a fast paced working environment, some great learning opportunities as well as the opportunity of working with a highly professional work force.


career check 1565Consultant Data & Hosting Infrustructure, MIS/ICT ( 4 Positions )336Consultant E-Commerce expert331Consultant e-Service Coordinator356E-Service Specialist & Education Innovation Expert358Jr Consultant - System Maintenance and Implementation357Jr. Consultant (Technical)348National Consultant ( 2 Positions )335National Consultant (Skills for Employment) 1 position398Programme Assistant (Skills for Employment)345Programme Assistant (Skills for Employment) 2 positions399Selection of Individual Consultant - 3 (Positions)362Selection of Individual Consultant- 2 (Positions)368Solution Architect (2 Positions)611
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