Enable tracking Bangladesh’s progress towards attainment of SDGs and other national development goals through a web-based information repository.

Bangladesh’s development miracle: From MDGs to SDGs

Bangladesh has been lauded by the United Nations as well as the international development community as the epitome for socio-economic gains attained under the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The country has moved up to lower middle income status, but more importantly, by human development indicators and this achievement came on the back of the country’s stride towards higher per capita income in recent years, riding on stable economic growth. This indicates that Bangladesh is well positioned to emerge as a global thought leader with regard to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Significance of tracking SDGs in Bangladesh

Realizing this ambition rests largely on informed decision making and targeted resource allocation. For a Government to plan and monitor the impact of its policies, it must be able to benchmark data and see year on year progress. An effective monitoring tool provides essential support in order to achieve the SDGs. Regular monitoring and evaluation of development interventions facilitate continuous improvement of their designs and thus enhance their potential to make impact.

Objectives of the SDG Tracker

The Access To Information (a2i) Programme of the Prime Minister’s Office, with technical support from UNDP and USAID–in collaboration with General Economics Division (GED) of Planning Commission, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and other government and private stakeholders, designed and developed SDG Tracker to:

Create a data repository for monitoring the implementation of the SDGs and other national development goals

Facilitate the tracking of progress against each goal and target;

Improve situation analysis and performance monitoring;

Enable predictive analysis for achieving the goals within the set time-frame.

Main features of SDG Tracker

Data from any geographical location;
Can be customized for any language;
Target setting and progress tracking;
Data to policy making
Multiple visualization and reporting schemes
Correlation among multiple SDG indicators
Dashboard for the Ministries/Directorates

helping set target and track progress of SDGs, indicator by indicator

SDG Portal

available to all countries in Global South

Major Components of SDG Tracker

Two major components of SDG Tracker are SDG Portal and Dashboard. SDG Portal enables policy makers, government agencies, private sector, Civil Society Organizations, International organizations, academia, researchers and the citizens to track year on year progress against each target and to create required visualizations. On the other hand SDG Dashboards facilitate individual Ministries/Divisions and Agencies to consolidate available data for each SDG and compare it visually against performance thresholds. The resulting dashboards highlight areas where a Ministry needs to make the greatest progress towards achieving the Goals by 2030.

Way Forward

Bangladesh’s commendable achievement in implementing MDGs has poised Bangladesh to do better in achieving the SDGs. The government of Bangladesh is committed to sustain the momentum of MDGs and lead by example again in case of SDGs. National plans and actions are also directed towards this commitment. It is highly expected that the SDG Tracker ( will support to drive these actions in the right direction.